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Surya Namaskar with Darshan Joshi

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Hi Friends: One of the leading hospitals in Pune is effectively using JalNeti (a yogic kriya / practice for cleaning nasal passage) as a tool for COVID prevention for their medical staff.

In these two videos; their chief of medical staff (who is also a renowned surgeon) explains the results that they have seen in past few months and demonstrates the procedure.

Video 1 QnA :

Video 2 Demonstration :

In addition to the COVID related application explained in these videos; JalNeti has a lot of other benefits like:

1) Increased alertness

2) Mind soothing and stress relief

3) Allergy relief

4) Relief from sinus related ailments and migraine

5) Strength to protect from weather fluctuations arising from season changes

It is a fairly simple kriya. Most individuals can do it with little bit of practice. There are no known contra-indications / side effects. It is NOT advised for kids for a simple reason of required maturity to handle this kind of procedure.

I have done JalNeti for many years in the past and because of its relevance in the current times; have started doing it again. If any of you are interested in doing it; I can help you to get started. Please feel free to get in touch with me.


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