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Buy Bibles In Bulk [PORTABLE]

Success on the Outside starts with change on the InsideWhether their sentence is minimal or lengthy, these low-cost Bibles prepare prisoners' hearts for a better relationship with God and integration into everyday life. Developed in conjunction with Prison Fellowship, this Bible includes personal testimonies and additional study helps along with the preferred text of the NIrV, NKJV, or NVI (Spanish).Save more when you buy more! Starting at 30% off plus bulk pricing options on 10+ Bibles.

buy bibles in bulk


Lifeway exists to serve the Church in her mission of making disciples. One of the ways we do this is by offering bulk discounts that allow churches and individuals to better serve their congregations and communities.

How does the discount work? Select the product that interests you and then click the "bulk discounts" link to preview prices based on quantity. Simply type in a quantity and the discount will be reflected in the total cost. For all bulk orders, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

If you are from a church, ministry or other religiously affiliated organization and are shopping for discount bibles in bulk, we are here for you. Bulk Bookstore offers the largest selection of wholesale bibles at the lowest prices with free shipping in the continental USA. We make buying bibles by the case, in quantities of 25, 50, 100, 250 or more simple and easy. We offer every type of bible; traditional bibles, study bibles, children's bibles, pew bibles and so many more. Choose brand new, never used, hardcover or paperback bibles direct from the publisher.

  • A program designed to help Catholic parishes & schools save money!Orders placed by someone purchasing on behalf of a parish or school are eligible for bulk-item discounts. Please call-in or email to learn more: customerservice@trinityroad.com866-522-8465 Option 3 *Taxes and Shipping & Handling charges excluded from discount Why Buy From Us?Our distribution center stocks the largest inventory within the Catholic marketplace.

  • We ship directly from our warehouse every weekday (excluding holidays).

  • We provide all major payment options and multiple shipping options for your convenience.

  • We have been working with parishes for many years, providing trusted books and gifts for their needs.

  • We are faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

  • We remember each of our customers in our daily prayers.

Eligible Participants: - Churches, Schools, Priests, Pastors, Consecrated, Ministry Leaders, Bible Study Leaders, Catechists, Parish Gift Shops Cannot be combined with other offers. Cannot be used on orders already placed, or on back-orders. Some products may be excluded from the discount. Unless the purchaser is a licensed reseller, the parish discount may not be used if the intent is to resell the items. Returns are not allowed on unsold, resale merchandise. Catholic BiblesCatholic Bible Study ProgramsScapularsAudio/Video ResourcesCatechisms RosariesBulk Pamphlets

Purchasing Bibles in bulk is an easy and economical way to provide your ministry with the resources it needs to reach new believers, young and old. Economy bulk Bibles as well as Outreach New Testaments are available exclusively online in discounted case packs.

For other personal and ministry uses, find more Bibles online in a variety of translations and formats, including multimedia, study, and journaling Bibles. Bulk discounts are available for orders with a minimum quantity of 10 units of the same title. Churches and other tax-exempt organizations can also qualify for tax-free ordering with proper documentation. For more details on bulk and tax-exempt orders, please visit our FAQ page.

The Bible is the main source of guidance in Christianity. Religious groups such as the Gideons are known for Bible distribution and leaving free copies in public locations such as motel rooms so many people can enjoy them. If you plan on distributing Bibles to others or using a lot of them for a church function, you may be able to get a large number of them for free. Getting free Bibles in bulk requires some diligence and research.

Write to missionary groups to see if they can send you a bulk order of Bibles. You may need to cover shipping, but many missionary groups distribute Bibles for free, so they could be willing to donate some to your cause. Explain how many you need and what you'll do with them.

Important Note: Church and Ministry accounts are specifically designed to facilitate bulk purchasing; you will not be able to order individual resources via your Church or Ministry account but will instead need to switch to your Personal account. For more information about switching between accounts, please visit the relevant FAQ linked below.

The NIV Holy Bible, Larger Print is a great witness tool to give to first-time Bible readers looking to discover God's Word. You can feel comfortable and confident handing this Bible to anyone interested in spiritual issues or open to talking about God. Includes added helps for a deeper understanding of the Bible, making it ideal for churches and ministries buying Bibles in bulk.

The Bowers Family Papers span four centuries and several generations of the Bowers family, as well as the families that the Bowers married into. It contains personal items, such as correspondence and photographs, and items from the family's land transactions. There are a large number of leases, surveys with descriptions and drawings, bonds for deed, and account ledgers. The bulk of the correspondence is from the nineteenth century and describes the family's everyday occurrences. There is also a section pertaining to genealogy that traces family connections back several centuries.

While the bulk of this collection is from and deals with the Bowers family, there are other families connected to the Bowers families that are represented in this collection. In particular, the Stewart and Smith families are prominent. Martha Wilson (born Martha Stewart), Margaretta M.S. Bowers' mother, corresponded frequently with her Stewart cousins, and those letters make up a section of the correspondence. Similarly, Spotswood D. Dandridge married Marjorie Smith. Marjorie's father, Roy Smith, had a particular interest in his family's genealogy. His research and efforts for familial recognition, as well as his captain's log from his time in the United States Navy, are also included in the collection. These families are distinguished from the Bowers family with the description "Other Family" within the collection.

Other materials included in this collection are photographs, patents, wills, family bibles, and published books, including a nineteenth century biography compilation that includes a section on the Bowers family. 041b061a72


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