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Environmental Engineering Fundamentals Sustainability Design Solutions Manual [UPDATED]

3164: CONSTRUCTION HEALTH AND SAFETYIntroduction to fundamentals of Occupational Health andSafety (OHS) for the construction industry. History of OHSregulation and specific governmental regulations, standardsand laws. Health, safety, and environmental hazardsidentification. Methods of quantifying exposure andestimating risk. Design and prioritization of controlsolutions to mitigate hazards. Contemporary issuesand theoretical frameworks in the field of OHS managementrelevant to the industry. Prevention through Design,behavior-based safety, different construction projectdelivery methods, safety climate and culture, controlbanding, and systems safety.Pre: 2104.(3H,3C)

environmental engineering fundamentals sustainability design solutions manual

3604: INTRODUCTION TO TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERINGPlanning, design and operation of transportation systemswith emphasis in multimodal transportation techniques andunified system engineering theories to analyze large scaletransportation problems. Discussion of Intelligent VehicleHighway Systems (IVHS) and hands on experience in computermodels in transportation operations and planning.Interactions between transportation infrastructure andenvironmental engineering planning. Junior standingrequired.(3H,3C)

3804: COMPUTER APPLICATIONS FOR CIVIL AND ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERSIntroduction to computer applications in civil andenvironmental engineering. Integration of design, datamanagement, computer programming and problem solving skillswith computer tools and techniques. Topics include systemsanalysis, optimization, database management, computerprogramming and data structures. Junior Standing Required.(2H,2L,3C)

4134: ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY - A SYSTEMS APPROACHQuantitative methods to evaluate environmentalsustainability using a sytems approach. Sustainabilityassessment frameworks, oreintors and indicators,indicators of sustainable development, green-house gasemissions, renewable energy systems, whole-system design,economic systems and input-outpur techniques, systemdynamics models, emergence and agent-based models. Classproject requiring integration of environmental, economic andsocial systems using system dynamics and agent-based models.Senior Standing.Pre: MATH 2214.(3H,3C)

4144: AIR RESOURCES ENGINEERINGEffects, regulation, sources, and control of air pollution.Application of engineering calculations and models toestimate emissions, predict pollutant concentrations, anddesign pollution control equipment. Senior standingrequired. A grade of C- or better required inprerequisites.Pre: 3104 or ENGR 3124 or GEOS 3114 or ENSC 3634.(3H,3C)4164: ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGYEcology, physiology, and diversity of soil and aquaticmicroorganisms; incorporates the significance of thesetopics within the context of environmental applicationssuch as bioremediation, wastewater treatment, controlof plant-pathogens in agriculture, and pollution abatementin natural systems. The laboratory portion of the coursewill stress methodology development, isolation andcharacterization of microorganisms from natural andengineered systems, and examination of the roles ofmicroorganisms in biogeochemical cycling. Biologystudents are exempt from CEE 3104, but must takeBIOL 2604 and obtain a C- or higher. A grade of C-or better required in prerequisites.Pre: BIOL 2604 or CEE 3104.(2H,3L,3C)

4544: DESIGN OF EARTH STRUCTURESApplication of geotechnical engineering principles inthe design and construction of earth structures.Subsurface models, shear strength of soil, slopestability, earth fills, earth retention, ground improvement,sustainability considerations, geotechnical reporting.Team-based design project. C- or better in 3514.Pre: 3514.(3H,3C)


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