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Tigers Movie Download in Hindi: Watch the True Story of a Whistle-Blower Online

Tigers Free Download Full Movie in Hindi: How to Watch the Thrilling Drama Online

Do you love movies that are based on real-life events and expose the corruption and injustice in the world? If yes, then you should not miss Tigers, a 2014 Indian drama film directed by Danis Tanović and starring Emraan Hashmi. Tigers is a gripping story of a Pakistani salesman who becomes a whistle-blower against his former employer, a multinational pharmaceutical company, after discovering that their baby formula products have killed hundreds of children.

a Tigers free download full movie in hindi

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In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Tigers movie, why you should watch it online, and how to download it for free in Hindi. Read on to find out more.

What is Tigers Movie About?

Tigers movie is inspired by an episode in Pakistan during the 1990s, a repetition of the Nestlé baby milk scandal in 1970s that occurred in developing countries. A Pakistani salesman named Syed Aamir Raza Hussain became a whistle-blower against his former employer Nestlé; in 1999, two years after he left Nestlé, Hussain released a report in association with the non-profit organisation International Baby Food Action Network, in which he alleged that Nestlé was encouraging doctors to push its infant formula products over breastfeeding.

The Plot

The film follows Ayan (Emraan Hashmi), a young and ambitious pharmaceutical representative in Pakistan who lands a lucrative job with Lasta, a fictionalized version of Nestlé. He is trained to sell baby formula products to doctors and hospitals, and he soon becomes one of the top performers in his region. However, he also starts noticing that many babies are suffering from diarrhea, malnutrition, and death after consuming Lasta's products. He realizes that Lasta's formula is not only expensive but also diluted with contaminated water by poor mothers who cannot afford enough bottles. He also learns that Lasta's marketing tactics are unethical and illegal, as they bribe doctors to prescribe their products over breastfeeding and distribute free samples to mothers who then become dependent on them.

Ayan decides to quit his job and expose Lasta's crimes to the public. He contacts a team of activists from Germany who are working on a documentary about the baby milk scandal. He provides them with evidence and testimonies from doctors, mothers, and victims. However, he also puts himself and his family in danger, as Lasta's agents try to silence him by threatening, harassing, and attacking him. He faces a lonely and dangerous battle against a powerful corporation that has no regard for human lives.

The Cast

The film features Emraan Hashmi in the leading role as Ayan, based on Hussain. Hashmi is known for his roles in Bollywood movies such as Murder, Gangster, Jannat, Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai, Shanghai, and The Dirty Picture. He delivers a stellar performance as a man who risks everything for the sake of truth and justice.

The film also stars Khalid Abdalla as Nadeem, a journalist who helps Ayan with his investigation; Geetanjali Thapa as Zainab, Ayan's wife; Supriya Pathak as Taslima, Ayan's mother; Adil Hussain as Bilal, Ayan's boss; Danny Huston as Alex, one of the activists from Germany; Maryam d'Abo as Maggie, another activist from Germany; and Satyadeep Mishra as Dr. Faiz, one of the doctors involved in the scandal.

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