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How does the 'first goal-last goal' bet work?

As seasoned sports bettors, have you learned the most effective way to play the "first goal-last goal" bet?

Check out this article to gain insights and strategies for winning bets consistently.

What is 'First goal-last goal'?

To play this type of bet well, you first need to understand what the "first goal-last goal" bet is.

This is a popular type of bet in football betting to determine which team will score the first goal and which team will score the last goal.

If there is an own goal in the match, the point will be credited to the opposing team.

When you predict and bet on the team to score the first goal and it happens, you will receive a bonus.

As for those betting on the team to score the last goal, they will have to wait until the final whistle blows. If the result doesn't match your soccer prediction 100 win gratuit, you will lose your entire bet amount.

In the event of a match being temporarily suspended for some reason but a goal has already been scored, bets on the first and last goals still stand.

So, this bet is only void if the match is postponed without any team opening the score.

Furthermore, some bookmakers also offer bets on teams not scoring to attract players.

The winnings will be calculated based on European odds, meaning the bonus will be equal to the original bet amount multiplied by the odds.

For example: In a match between Man City and Liverpool, you predict that Man City will score the first and last goals.

After 90 minutes of play and the scoreline is 2-0 in favor of Man City, you will win against the bookmaker.

In general, betting on the first goal-last goal is not too difficult; you just need to calculate carefully and develop a reasonable strategy to make huge profits.

How to interpret the "first goal-last goal" bet

To read this first goal-last goal betting table, you need to remember 7 types of bets along with some symbols:

AF: Means the player bets on the away team to score first.

HL: Means the player bets on the home team to score the last goal in the match.

AL: The player bets on the away team to score the last goal.

HF: Bets on the home team to score the first goal.

No goals: Neither team scores, and the final score is 0-0.

The away team scores first and the home team scores at the end of the match.

The home team scores first and the away team scores the last goal of the match.

These are the ways bookmakers offer first goal-last goal bets without goals, allowing players to choose multiple types at once.

How is the "first goal-last goal" bet settled?

It can be seen that this bet attracts many players not only because of its simple gameplay but also because of its high payout ratio.

If you win this bet, apply the following formula to calculate your winnings:

Winnings = Initial bet amount x Odds

For example: In the Euro final match, the Italian national team played against the English national team.

When you bet 100K on the Italian team and choose to bet on the first goal-last goal with Odds of 1.5, the following possibilities may occur:

If Italy leads with a score of 1-0, you will win and receive the full amount from the bookmaker, which is:

100 x 1.5 = 150K

If the English team scores the first goal or neither team scores any goals, you will lose and lose 100K.

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Things to consider when betting on the "first goal-last goal"

For first-time sports bettors, betting on the first goal-last goal can be quite new. Therefore, I've compiled some key points to help you avoid confusion:

If a player from the home team scores an own goal, it will be credited to the away team.

If the match is postponed without any team opening the score, the bookmaker will cancel all bets and players will be refunded.

If the match is temporarily suspended but one of the teams has already scored, the bet will still stand. The decisions of the main referee are the most important basis for calculating rewards.

#5 Tips for profitable "first goal-last goal" bets

How to play the first goal-last goal bet safely and easily" is the question that receives the most attention from many players.

To achieve success like the pros, you need to apply the following experiences:

#1 Choose bets on the underdog

In my experience, bookmakers often offer bets with very high odds on the favored team.

Therefore, to avoid this, you need to calculate and observe the fluctuations of the odds.

If you see unstable and significantly changing odds, absolutely do not bet.

#2 Choose teams with attacking play for the first goal-last goal bet

As I've observed, typically teams with an attacking playstyle tend to score first.

Moreover, you should only choose 1 - 2 teams that play well for the first goal-last goal bet.

In that case, finding information and knowledge about the two teams will become easier and more convenient.

Factors such as team lineup, coach, main striker, etc., all influence goals.

So, you need to research thoroughly and observe all match developments to adjust the bet accordingly.

#3 Only bet on teams you know

To avoid wasting time and capital on the first goal-last goal bet, I advise you to only bet on matches with teams you are familiar with.

For completely unfamiliar teams, it's difficult to predict their playstyle and capabilities.

Therefore, avoid betting on these teams to avoid losing money.

#4 Research all relevant match information thoroughly

Another secret to playing the first goal-last goal bet well is to thoroughly research all relevant match information such as:

Goalkeeper's performance

Head-to-head history between the two teams

Key attacking players

Which team is considered stronger

Weather conditions


If it's the second leg match, the home team tends to attack aggressively, so they are more likely to score first.

Therefore, pay attention to this when placing bets to make them reasonable.

#5 Hedge your bets at the end of the match

If you feel like you might lose on the first goal bet and there's a risk of losing more money on the last goal, then it's wise to stop.

Because bookmakers allow you to hedge some or all of your previous bets to recover your capital.

However, you need to think very carefully before choosing this option to avoid any potential regrets.


Above are all the information about the first goal-last goal bet that I want to share with you.

By skillfully applying the experiences above, I guarantee you will win bets and hit big jackpots for fun.

Oh, the most important thing is to choose reputable bookmakers, with secure payments like Wintips.

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