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Dunk Shot: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Most Spectacular Basketball Move

Dunk Shot is the super addictive arcade game in which you must score baskets with the free-falling basketball. You will earn points for every basket you make successfully. The baskets will be higher in the sky each time; score basket to basket to earn points. If you miss your shot, the ball will fall out of the sky, and you will have to start all over again. Try to aim for the perfect shot and swish the basketballs without touching the rim for an added bonus. As you earn stats, you can buy cool new basketball skins to help you score in style. Have fun!

Shoot your ball towards the other basket without having the ball fall off of the screen. Keep shooting to dunk your ball, the less rim you get the more bonus points you get. This is a fun online version of the popular Ketchapp game. Keep shooting your ball as you try to top the lagged leaderboard.

dunk shot


From Jordan to LeBron, even Yao Ming, nothing elicits more awe and applause than a dunk. As one of the highest percentage field goals one can attempt in basketball, this is a move that's worth mastering. While it doesn't hurt to be taller, you can build up both the muscles and skills required to execute this famous feat on the court, regardless of your height and experience. See Step 1 for more information.

On this screen you will have the option to change your ball, participate in a challenge, or start the game. To start playing Dunk Shot you will touch and drag where you are prompted, this will stretch the basketball net that the ball is being cradled in. Moving the net around will adjust the angle and speed at which the ball will leave the net. You will see a guide line appear that will show you the approximate path of the ball. You can use this guide line to help you get perfect shots and bounce shots that will give you extra points. The object of the game is to launch the basketball into the next hoop. Each time you get the ball to land in the subsequent net you will receive one point. If you can manage to get the ball into the hoop perfectly, you will get a perfect bonus, the first two times you get a perfect shot, you will get a plus two bonus, the third time in a row you will get a bonus of three points, this will continue until one of your shots hits the rim before going into the net. You can also get a bonus for banking the ball off of a wall or backboard; the bounce bonus is always a two point bonus.

There are a few methods that you can employ in your playing of the Dunk Shot game for iPhone that will help you get a higher score in Dunk Shot. The first strategy is to try to get a perfect streak for as long as you can. If you can get fifteen or even fifty perfect shots in a row, you will begin scoring fifty points per shot which will make your score go out the roof. Try to focus on making baskets without hitting the rim, this will allow you to score higher than all your friends. Below you will find the highest score ever scored in the Dunk Shot game for iPhone.

Objectives: Various endovascular approaches have been reported for patients with intracranial aneurysms. However, the safety of navigating a microcatheter into the aneurysm remains debatable. In this study, we evaluated a novel method "dunk shot technique," in which a proximal balloon and a local balloon are used for navigation of a microcatheter into an aneurysm under challenging situations.

Unlike similar games of this type, there is not a Flappy Bird element to controlling the movement of the ball. Instead, the control scheme is similar to Angry Birds in that you pull and aim to fire the ball like a slingshot. Both the areas that you shoot the ball in, and the force with which you shoot it, will make a difference in how accurate your shot is.

Try to shoot the ball without hitting the rim at all. If you can pull that off, you will earn a perfect shot. Your first perfect shot will be worth two points, and every perfect shot afterwords will be worth one more point consecutively. So your 10th perfect shot in a row will be worth 11 points, making this an extremely easy way to rack up an insanely high score.

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The further you get into a specific round, the more difficult shots will be to make. Early on, the basketball hoops will not move at all, but as your point total increases and as you get further on into the level, the basketball hoops will start moving around.

As you keep on going forward, the movement will get faster, and the overall range of movement of the hoop will increase, causing you to have to move the shot him in a wider variety of directions. Still, the movement always happens in a pattern, so by watching the movement of the hoop, you will be able to recognize a pattern and line up a good shot.

It will move either side to side, up and down, or both, making it that much more difficult to line up the shot. Some hoops will even pass right over where you are holding the ball, making it possible to shoot a basket by shooting straight upward.

Perfect shots are worth two points. A player achieves a perfect shot when the ball does not touch the rim on landing on a basket. Once you have practised enough, it might be somewhat easy for you to pull off back-to-back perfect shots to achieve combos. You will earn a bonus point for every combo, so when you achieve a perfect shot straight after another, you will receive 3 points. And if you get a perfect shot for the third time, you will earn 4 points and so on.

You can score 2 extra points when the ball bounces off a wall and drops in the basket. Your aiming line should point to the wall and the speed and angle should be accurate so that ball hits the wall and falls on the empty basket. It will require a bit of practice to get a bounce bonus, but it can be fairly achievable on static baskets and not moving baskets. Try to bounce the ball off the wall opposite of the basket and achieve both bounce shot and perfect shot to earn 4 points.

Each basket will earn you various points, depending on the difficulty of your shot and how clean each basket is (e.g., not hitting the backboard or the rim of the basket). Each game lasts three minutes.

Within each game, players race against the shot clock. Each time you make a basket, the shot clock resets, and you lose a point each time the shot clock runs out. The hoops change heights and move from one side of the screen to the other, adding complexity to the game.

If the shot clock runs out on your first ball, you still have access to the next two balls and can keep playing. The game ends when you finish three minutes or run out of balls, whichever comes first. The player with the most points wins. You won't see how your opponent did until after the game is complete and a winner is declared.

Unlike most games that use swipes to get the ball through the hoop, this game uses slingshot mechanics to launch the ball. This may take a bit of getting used to since you will need to aim and measure power differently. Just pull the ball back and aim in the direction you want to send the ball flying. The more you pull back, the more power the shot will have. You may need to do a few test shots, so you can get a feel for how far you need to yank the ball in order to achieve the power level you want.

A perfect shot is when you send the ball through the hoop without it touching the rim. Your first perfect shot in a combo is worth 2 points. Its value will increase by one point for every consecutive perfect shot you make. So, if you make 10 perfect shots in a row, the 10th ball is worth 11 points. If your combo ends, however, your next perfect shot will go back to just 2 points. Practice making these shots because they are great for racking up a lot of points.

It is a type of basketball shot in which the player jumps in the air with ball in the hand and above the horizontal plane of the rim, and puts the ball through the basket. With time, the dunks have been reformed and tuned with more style and grace to add the WOW factor to it.

There have been many stories about the dunks being performed ever since early 1900s but the first ever dunk in an organised format of the game will has to be the one by USA Olympian Joe Fortenberry in 1938 Olympic trials.

At first, a lot of international teams opposed the practice of dunking as the Americans constantly taunted them in the game with their height and leaping abilities. The NCAA also joined the petition later on and moved to ban dunk shots from their tournaments.

Dunking was revolutionised by the one and only Julius Erving, popularly known as Dr. J in the 1970s. He showed dunking skills like no one had ever done or seen before. He could windmill, rock the ball, go behind his back, head fake, and pull off many other impressive moves on the court.

While swimming pool dunks have always been cool, filming the feats for YouTube grew popular earlier this summer. The videos typically feature small groups people passing a basketball to each other, often in mid-jump, before a stunning finish with a slam dunk. In the spirit of one-upmanship (and perhaps boredom), a group of teens from Tualatin, Ore., took it to the next level by incorporating eight people into the routine in this video:

Ready to shoot some hoops? Grab a ball and start dunking! Dunk Shot is a burning hot arcade game that anybody can enjoy! Shoot the hoops, unlock new balls, become the next basketball star!Come on now, join everybody on the playground of unlimited basketball action!

DD Dunk Shot is an addictive arcade sports game that you should dunk a ball into unlimited baskets in your way. If you can do that as the ball doesn't collide with the basket's edge you will get a special point.


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