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[S1E7] O Ye Of Little Faith

When scientific minds meet supernatural circumstances, the conflict between logic and faith rages. Here, Ben and Daisy represent those two forces, and both must bend a bit in their dogma in order to solve the mystery.

[S1E7] O Ye of Little Faith

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Before revealing the jimsonweed, I suspected some sort of hallucinogenic gas was being released in Daisy's room. It might've been a little technologically advanced for 1934 but probably not unheard of.

And then there are those who have lost their faith -- Charles, Lola, and Percy. The Great Depression drove many to desperation and others to innovation. For example, Charles spins his wheels while Lola and Percy make new plans. Mind you, for Lola, they're revived old plans.

The team has faith that they'll bring Ben home, that they have a better handle on the technology than Sam Beckett's team had thirty years ago. They cling to that faith for Ben and Addison and their sense of team.

O Ye of Little Faith is another strong outing for the series, which feels like it is beginning to find its own vibe now while retaining a little of the humor from the original series. Talking of which we get a nice reference to the original in which Ben says that Sam believed that God was controlling his leaps, which is a plot device from the original that I always really liked.

There is an ambiguity to Sister Alice throughout her storyline, but what is not ambiguous is that she runs away from her mother at the end of S1E7. This woman has been manipulating her for most of her life, going back at least to that day on the side of the road. At the end of the day, it would seem that Birdie is cynical and faithless. She views the Radiant Assembly as a business and thinks about things like faith healings in those terms.

In this regard, the case is largely solved in S1E7. Herman Baggerly stopped giving money to the Radiant Assembly, so Seidel hired Ennis and the others to perform the kidnapping to get the $100K the church needed to cover its debts. Charlie was crying in the motel room, so Ennis brought one of the sex workers from the brothel around to breastfeed him. Unfortunately, she was a heroin addict, and so little Charlie died.

I have been suspicious of Birdie since episode and this is my take. Birdie is a version of the huckster that Elmer Gantry; her preparation for the two of them to escape was just too well organized. She has a daughter who, at least until the end of ep 7, had enormous faith in God and who believed that He was speaking through her. She manipulated this into what was to be a gold mine, but with the bad investments, turned into a pit into which money had to be throw. 041b061a72


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