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Some Information Related to Three-Way Handicap Betting

Some people engage in football betting without understanding the concept of three-way handicap betting. This is a significant oversight that can lead to disadvantages for players. Therefore, before diving into betting matches, you need to take the time to understand related information. The article shared below by bet win tips will help you gain a more detailed understanding of this issue.

Understanding the Concept of Three-Way Handicap Betting Today

Three-way handicap betting has long been mentioned by many people in football betting. In English, this type of bet is known as "3-Way Handicap." Asian and European handicaps have been combined to create three-way handicap betting to popularize it among players. The highlight of this type of bet is its similarity to the European handicap, where players simultaneously bet on three outcomes.

Currently, three-way handicap betting is used during either the first half or the entire match. However, the number of goals scored by both teams at the end of the match is not applied to determine the result. This type of bet is applied based on the handicap odds of the European handicap. Specifically, the winning stake is calculated as follows: Winning stake = the amount wagered x the three-way handicap odds for a particular match.

Choosing three-way handicap betting requires players to conduct more thorough information research. According to many people, this type of bet is somewhat more complex than some other betting options. Therefore, players should frequently monitor and update accurate odds comparisons at reputable king betting site. When participating in three-way handicap betting, players also have handicaps such as -1, -2, -3, etc.

Information about Some Types of Three-Way Handicap Betting Commonly Used in Football

Players should expand their knowledge of three-way handicap betting. Below is information about some commonly used handicap betting types in football today:

Three-way Handicap Betting

Three-way handicap betting, or three-way handicap betting, is a familiar odds ratio applied by many people. This type of bet is based on the Asian handicap odds. Some odds used include ½, ¾, ¼... corresponding to results like 2 draws, 1 draw, 3 draws, etc.

Three-way handicap betting depends on whether the result is a win or loss in the first half or the entire match. Based on the data mentioned earlier, players will quickly find the result. When visiting the Wintips website, players can apply this betting type to achieve victory.

Corner Kick Handicap Betting

Players who choose corner kick handicap betting can participate in either the first half or the entire match. This is entirely similar to the three-way handicap betting method shared above. That is, players will choose which team will have more corner kicks in that match. Therefore, you should spend time calculating and participating in more accurate betting.

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For example, players participate in betting on the match between Manchester City and West Ham. At this time, the home team, Manchester City, is chosen to have the corner kick handicap for the entire match. In this case, the match will have the following scenarios:

If the total number of corner kicks that Manchester City wins over West Ham is more by 1, players will win half of the bet.

If the match has a total of more than two corner kicks, the player will win 1,000,000 VND.

In the case of Manchester City having fewer or equal corner kicks compared to West Ham, the player is considered to lose.

Players must make betting calculations during the first half or the entire match, depending on the calculation. This will somewhat affect the final result.

Handy Tips When Playing Three-Way Handicap Betting

Players can flexibly learn to quickly apply various types of three-way handicap betting:

Three-way handicap betting is usually applied in matches with significant differences in team composition.

Players need to grasp the surrounding situation of the match before intending to place a bet.

Visit reputable and quality platforms like Wintips to satisfy your passion.

Understand the information about the various types of bets offered to make accurate betting choices.


Wintips has shared information about three-way handicap betting with all readers. This concept has been relatively familiar to many people in the betting community in recent years. Therefore, players should conduct more research and consult more information to make accurate bets. Hopefully, the information provided above will be essential data for players to apply in practice.


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