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Lifestyle Yoga by Anish (Yogi) Sharma

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The initial phase of yoga may look like it is a physical exercise, however, yoga is holistic and covers a lot more other disciplines of life in two categories - "Yam" and "Niyam".

"Yam" is five broad-based social and universal virtues which are in the form of moral and social obligations for an individual: - Ahimsa (non-violence), - Satya (truth), - Asteya (non-stealing), - Brahmcharya (celibacy) - Aparigraha (non-greed)

"Niyam" is five personal discipline - - Shauch (Cleanliness) - Santosh (Contentment) - Tapa (Austerity) - Swadhyaya (Study of good literature or similar) - Ishwar Pranidhan (Surrender to God)

The YAM and NIYAM present a complete package of personal, social, and spiritual discipline which leads to desirable conduct. They are the first and second stages of UPASANA YOG. The worship of GOD will be a mere ritual without the practice of Yam and Niyam in real life.


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