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( An Institute which established, introduced & follow the ‘SAJHI SHIKSHA SYSTEM )

Regd. Under NITI Aayog, Govt. of India


Skill Provider

NCS, Ministry of Labour & Employment, Govt. of India

Service Enterprise( Education, Human Health Activity)

Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India

Founder Member

Association For Affiliated Private Yoga And Naturopathy Medical Colleges (AAPYNMC)


15, Nazrul Sarani, Italgachha, Airport No. 1, Kolkata-700079


Ph: +91-9831044155,  +91-8777427741




With Support of

International Traditional Traditional Medical Association (ITMA)



PARVATI VIDYAPEETH is devoted for providing, exploring & spreading the Vedic and Traditional science since its establishment. Vedic & Traditional Science is great resource of knowledge and wisdom. 


PARVATI VIDYAPEETH is promoting such science & knowledge by organizing symposium, seminars , workshops & training programs. PARVATI VIDYAPEETH was established in 1998. Vidyapeeth has been established mainly to impart quality education to enlighten the society with the light of ‘JNAN’.


PARVATI VIDYAPEETH has established & introduced the ‘SAJHI SIKSHA’ system. Under this system Education will be imparted by sharing various aspect of resources which is important & needful to provide true education.


The PARVATI VIDYAPEETH is a non-commercial voluntary autonomous Educational and Social institution with the aims of expansion and promotion of Education, pays honor and due promotion to the educationists and generate new avenues for self- sufficient, job- oriented & skill development education.


PARVATI VIDYAPEETH is focused for organizing & spreading the knowledge of  TRADITIONAL SYSTEM. We are organizing workshops, symposiums & training on Traditional Medicine system.



Our incredible multi-dimension manifestation with dedication, depth, range and variety will make experience and characterize the PARVATI VIDYAPEETH academic experience. The Institute make available with the renowned and the new literature of the subject, tools, equipments and teachers alike, to build a highly individualized and rewarding programs of study.

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