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Holistic Healing - What & How?

Level 1

A. Introduction

1. Acquiring knowledge about the person

2. Short questions and answers

3. Problem discussion (if any)

4. The intensity of the need

B. Purpose

1. Why opting holistic healing?

2. What else tried earlier?

3. Establish that this is not am treatment

4. This is rather an understanding of the basics of a healthy and happy life

C. Vision

1. Does have a long/short term vision

2. Looking for further search/experiments

3. Simply looking for the establishment of balance/peace in life

Level 2

A. Practices

Part 1. Physical Practices

1. Water intake minimum of 8 glasses in a day (3 glasses empty stomach)

2. Time with Nature with no agenda

3. Filtration of information

4. Food habits with changing frequency

5. Connection/socialization to acquire healthy emotion

6. Living habits (light, air, aura building through om chanting, praying, etc.)

Part 2. Mental practices

1. Start Practicing to sit for 10 mints in silence

2. Early morning rising with spiritual/positive belief (all is well)

3. Fix a day or two to pass with no complain and non-judgemental

4. Watching breath regularly at least for 10 minutes any time in a day

5. Doing normal activities with positive/good intentions

6. Establishing a habit of letting go through gradual practice

B. Recommendations

1. The practice of kindness (by serving the needy one or maybe a word of appreciation, giving food/money/a phone call/whatever one can in his/her capacity) not only to the poor but maybe to someone known

2. Gratitude - Writing journals for what you are grateful for / not

3. Listening to music – soothing /instrumental/ slow mantra chanting, etc

4. Going through old memories by flipping album/ listening stories from dear ones of childhood activities without restraining emotions

5. Try to inspire others through your behavior as life purpose (without being affected by negative emotion if encounters)

6. The practice of mindfulness /empathy

7. Involvement of seasonal celebration with the intention that you are flowing with nature effortlessly and fulfilling your life purpose/journey

8. Not to involve in unnecessary arguments.

Level 3

Living in the pure state


1. Healthy Food

2. Movement/exercise

3. Constant trying for the required goal understanding the real need.

4. Non-judgemental

5. Regular meditation practice

6. 8 hrs of sound sleep

7. Mind your information

8. Gradually evolve to know the higher self/ consciousness.

Level 4 - Feedback


Sonali Sinha

Holistic Healing Expert


UP, India

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