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Why UYI? | Preventive & Curative Cure Equilibrium

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to think a lot about different things which were just not a subject in our day to day life a couple of months back. Probably, because we are forced to see death from a little more closely.

One of those things we thought to talk about and do something is our access to various other healthcare systems which we commonly call them as “Alternative Healthcare”

Here's the Problem

1. Time to get the required care

2. Cost of care

3. And probably the question – are we getting the best of all types of healthcare?

It’s a matter of what we call it as “Elasticity” in the Healthcare system. It’s also a Demand & Supply problem.

We believe you can’t so easily reduce the demand, it will happen eventually over a period of time if supply is increased in a safe, secure manner and with a regulated process. Let's have a look at them with a comparison of preventive and curative cure.

Preventive Care is

  • Unorganized & Unrecognized

  • Confusing. People go by Best Seller approach on retail shops

  • People are confident or scared based on the news they listen to

On the other side. The modern and current curative healthcare is

  • Organized and Regulated

  • Various agencies work hand-in-hand to ensure people get the best care

The previous one is underrated & under-utilized and the later is overburdened and overcrowded. And that's where our effort is to try a social change to bring in equilibrium in these two - Preventive Care and Curative Care.

We think equilibrium is possible if we -

  • Recognize the Alternative Healthcare systems like Ayurveda and Naturopathy based on global research and establishments

  • Food, Drug and Pharmaceutical companies provide an organized structure to Alternative Care System

  • Govt agencies Open up Global Health Professionals of Alternative Care to attend the primary and preventive care based on a Certification & Endorsement model

  • Build and evolve confidence into the Alternative Health and Preventive Care system

Our simple question to governments, agencies, hospitals, pharma companies and especially the common people is - if we can import bad food why can't we import good health as well?

But what I just talked about is a big problem to solve. And it requires the involvement of a multitude of government agencies and industries to collaborate before it can happen. It’s an evolution not a project and we’ll continue to work towards that momentum.

But wait, there’s something we can do now.

The effort we are committed to putting is to have people start to think about it, educate themselves, share their thoughts, make them connect to the required help, and prioritize their preventive care in their own way.

And that has been our primary driver to create the platform called “Unleash Your Immunity” or UYI. UYI is a not-for-profit initiative for all the experts and practitioners from Alternative Healthcare, Nutrition-based Care, Naturopathy and any type of Preventive Care to come onboard. UYI encourages people to ask the help they need in Preventive Care, request the fact-based information from experts. It’s a place to share their thoughts, debate, highlight research-based facts.

UYI support and foster a sense of mindfulness and peace in the surrounding community. UYI emphasizes the wellbeing of mankind leveraging age-old methods like Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy.

We welcome you to "Unleash Your Immunity" platform and support us for the cause of Best Global Healthcare for mankind everywhere in all the countries. I encourage you to visit our website and sign up.

Thank you and Namaste!!

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