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Ashtang Yoga with Sanjay Mishra

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An Information Technology Executive by profession, Sanjay Mishra has been very clear about the benefits of Yoga and has been practicing it for a long time. He enjoys being close to sports and regularly practicing Cricket or Volleyball or something similar to keep his body lean and flexible. In addition to Sports and Yoga, he strongly believes people should be disciplined about their diet to lead a balanced and healthy life. He himself takes healthy "Satvik" nutrition. Sanjay doesn't have any professional certificate or experience in Yoga however he has been practicing it for a long period of time and can help with details of Ashtanga Yoga and any related question. Anyone who is signing up for the sessions with Sanjay must understand that this session is a community initiative free of cost and not any kind of healthcare service. Hence, before signing up please consult your primary care or physician, as required. Sanjay Mishra or "Unleash Your Immunity" do not take any responsibility for any health issue or condition arisen related or unrelated whatsoever.


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  • June 14, 2020


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