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Buy Drugs Online India BEST

With more than 4,500 stores in India, Apollo Pharmacy is not just the largest online pharmacy store in India but in Asia as well. Our pharmacy chain has been operational and been providing genuine quality healthcare products for more than 32 years. Our wide range of products ensures that everything you need related to healthcare, you will find it on our platform.

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As pioneers in the healthcare segment, we understand the importance of trust. And that is why, over the years, we worked on building that trust. We ensure that every product sold through our offline/online stores are checked for their authenticity, quality, and compliance with the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization, the national regulatory body for Indian pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

When you order medicines at Apollo Pharmacy, not only do you get your medicines delivered on time and at your doorstep, but you also get additional benefits. You can earn Apollo Health Credits whenever you order medicine online and also when you purchase other non-pharma products (not applicable on discounted products including the ones where coupon codes have been applied). You can use these Health Credits to make more purchases on our platform. And not to forget the discounts and exclusive offers we bring out from time to time.

The Indian drug market was assessed to be at US$ 41 billion in 2021 and remained the third biggest market as far as the amount/volume and the thirteenth biggest in terms of value. It is predicted to advance to US$ 65 billion by 2024 while ascending in maturing populace and persistent infections, rising expendable livelihoods, and expanding mindfulness, among others.[2] This calculated figure, which is around 33% of that of the US and practically a large portion of that of Europe, gives India a cutting edge as a creating objective.[3] Drug stores are gradually picking up force inside the online business industry space with its amazingly developing infiltration rate. As of now, around 250 online drug stores have come up within the nation.[4]

The lack of proper rules and regulations has profoundly affected the overall market growth of the E-pharmacy sectors in India and has kept many large investors at bay. The current D and C Act requires a pharmacist to have a valid license and a registered premise to safely store and sell the drugs, and so, E-pharmacy companies can only operate if they have a physical premise in India.[33]

Rules concerning the interstate sale of drugs are not well established, and so, there is a high possibility that drugs valid in one particular state may be considered invalid in another state. A similar incidence has already been registered by the Mumbai Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and further such incidents are expected to rise as E-pharmacy companies comprise a large network of pharmacies integrated into a single platform, so rigorous monitoring of the sources from which these drugs are procured or delivered is going to be a major task for this sector.[34] Procurement of money before delivery of the medicine is another ambiguity in Indian law. Some laws state that money should be collected only after the delivery of the drug, and E-pharmacy companies can be held accountable for violations of the law as they offer various payment methods such as credit/debit payment and payment via mobile wallets that are not under the law.[34]

A comprehensive regulatory framework is needed to deal with Schedule H and X drugs. These drugs can only be sold within the presence of a pharmacist with a valid prescription in hand as these include antibiotics and habit-forming drugs. With E-pharmacy, there is a possibility that one prescription can be uploaded several times on the website portal, and this can lead to increased incidents of drug abuse.[35]

Patient identity is another challenge as it will be very difficult to trace the authenticity of the prescription when it is uploaded on the websites for online purchase of drugs, and there is no regulation as such that deals with the sale of drugs to minors.[35]

As of now, there is no framework for barcoding at the assembling level, and this can be an obstacle to the smooth supply of medicines. Government should step into this matter and mandate barcoding for the online mode of drug distribution to promote transparency and accuracy in data management systems.[36]

While the E-commerce business comes under the territory of the IT Act, 2000, the laws governing the sale of drugs in India come within the scope of the D and C Act, 1940, the D and C Rules, 1945, the Pharmacist Act 1948, and the Indian Medical Act, 1956. However, the law mentioned in the said Acts neither authorizes nor blocks the online sale of medicines in India. The precolonial regulations of India fail to deal with the recent growth of the online pharmacy market within the country. No separate rules/regulations have been molded for the online pharmacy in India.[51]

At present, E-pharmacies in India follow the D and C Act 1940, D and C Rules 1945, Pharmacy Act 1948, and the Indian Medical Act, 1956. However, the electronic sale of physician-prescribed drugs from online drug store sites is expressed under the IT Act, 2000.

The Government should work on a robust policy and provide clear-cut laws to provide a friendly environment for existing players. This provision may encourage more entrepreneurs to enter the sector and add to the general development of the online pharma business market in India. The successful installation of a rigid framework will increase the number of entrepreneurs, thereby providing affordable alternatives and accessibility to remote areas of the country.

Application of E-commerce in medicine led to the beginning of online pharmacies which was first initiated in the United States during the year 1999. This included the selling of both nonprescription and prescription-only medicines. However, the official approval for online drug transaction services started on December 1, 2005, after China's Food and Drug Administration issued the provisional rules of the Internet for examination.[2]

The benefit by making use of online shopping is the use of technology for better marketing performance, where retailers generally use different strategies to meet the demand of online purchasers. They also try to understand the consumer in the field of online shopping and specifically study those factors which influence the consumers to shop online. The other advantages of buying online are lower transaction and search cost in comparison to other types of shopping. It also makes faster shopping, providing more alternatives and with reasonable prices.[3]

Although purchasing from E-pharmacies holds many advantages, data from the World Health Organization (WHO) have marked a question upon its safety. The complexity and seriousness of this problem increased when the WHO estimated that about 50% of the medications marketed on the Internet are from counterfeited websites. Internet pharmacies without any regulation sell counterfeit drugs, hence posing a great threat to public health with tragic consequences to consumers.[3] A Western European study conducted on 14,000 people has reported that out of five, one people is acquiring medication from the Internet without prescription. This demonstrated that purchasing Western Europe spent around 10.5 million Euros per year on nonprescription medicines from illegal resources.[4] A survey was also done in Romania to assess the attitude of patients and customers on online purchasing of drugs. It was reported that maximum of the people were not aware about the differences between medications purchased from Internet and conventional pharmacies. Such studies indicate that attention should be paid toward online purchasing of drugs during routine patient care.[5]

It was observed that more than half of the participants were aware of the online purchase of medicines. Age, gender, and educational qualification do not have any significant effect on the purchasing behavior of individuals toward online pharmacy as also demonstrated by Fittler.[8] A survey by Abanmy et al. showed less extensive online purchase of medicines, as 268 participants were aware of the E-pharmacy, but only 83 of them actually purchased the medicines online. There are other population surveys as well on the perceptions and attitude of the consumer but could not find any consistent information on the number of consumers and their characteristics.[2] In our study, most online customers were found to be graduates (61.44%) and belonged to the urban areas (78.31%).

The patient's attitude toward online pharmacies for purchasing of medicines and health products is very important to maintain the integrity of the medication supply chain and for the protection of the patients from illegitimate websites.[10] Even in our survey, it was demonstrated that only 37.7% of the participants were aware of the trustworthy sites and 89.2% did not even answer from which websites they order the medicine. This showed that they had no knowledge of the websites for purchasing of health-care products.

The findings in our survey had some main features which would attract the use of online pharmacy such as differences in the prices and nonavailability of medications in market. These results were consistent with other studies where the most frequent reasons quoted by the interviewees were convenience-related factors such as easy availability (59%) and reduced trips to the pharmacy (41%).[5,11]

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