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Dosha Quiz | Know your Prakriti | Refine your eating habit and lifestyle

In this test, you will be asked a series of questions with three options available to choose from. At the end of the test, if most of your answers are -

  • ‘A’ - your primary Prakriti is Vata Prakriti

  • ‘B’ - your primary Prakriti is Pitta Prakriti

  • ‘C’ - your primary Prakriti is Kapha Prakriti.

Let's go for the test now.

Question - 1. Which one of the below options is closest to your body frame

A.              Thin, Lanky, boney, and taller or shorter than average.

B.              Average build and size with weight centered in the middle.

C.              Heavy, Stocky, Broad, and either very tall or very short.

Question - 2. Which one of the below options is closest to your body weight

A.              Low with difficulties in gaining weight.

B.              Moderate, no difficulties in gaining or losing weight.

C.              Heavy with difficulties in gaining weight.

Question - 3. How do you think of your appetite?

A.              Unpredictable and irregular.

B.              Strong, you cannot skip meals and need to eat after every 3-4 hrs.

C.              Constant but can skip meals easily and tolerate hunger.

Question - 4. How much you eat?

A.              Sometimes a lot and sometimes very little.

B.              More, you can eat large quantities at once.

C.              Comparatively less.

Question - 5. What whether you enjoy the most?

A.              Warm climates and dislike windy dry and cold days.

B.              Cooler climates and dislike heat.

C.              A lot adaptable to climate but absolutely dislike cold and rainy days.

Question - 6. Which one is your skin texture?

A.              Thin and dry but rough and cool to touch.

B.              Smooth and Warm with an Oily T-zone.

C.              Thick and Greasy and cold to touch.

Question - 7. What's your walking style?

A.              Fast with light steps.

B.              Determined steps at an average speed.

C.              Steady steps at a slow pace.

Question - 8. Which one is your complexion?

A.              Dark and tans easily.

B.              Fair with freckles and prone to sunburn.

C.              Pale and difficult to tan.

Question - 9. What kind of sleep you have?

A.              A light sleeper and gets awakened very easily.

B.              Sleeps deep and even, hardly needs more than 8 hrs of sleep.

C.              Long and sound sleeper, have difficulty in waking up after a long sleep.

Question - 10. This is the hair you have.

A.              Dry, brittle, and curly.

B.              Soft and Straight.

C.              Thick and Wavy, tends to become greasy.

Question - 11. You don't have to say it to others, what's the odor of your perspiration?

A.              Very little with little odor.

B.              Intense when it gets hot and has a sharp smell.

C.              Constant and moderate with a sweet smell.

Question - 12. Tell me more about your eyes.

A.              Small and dry, you blink a lot.

B.              Penetrating gaze, reddish sclerae.

C.              Large and moist with a white sclera.

Question - 13. What's your body temperature?

A.              Less than normal, with cold feet and hands.

B.              More than normal, with palms, feet, and face warm or hot.

C.              Normal but palms and feet are cold.

Question - 14. Your lips?

A.              Thin and dry and are often chapped.

B.              Pink and Soft.

C.              Full and Smooth.

Question - 15. The kind of voice you have?

A.              Low volume, hoarse, and cracking.

B.              Loud and Sharp.

C.              Pleasant and Harmonious with a low pitch.

Question - 16. What type of teeth you have?

A.              Crooked and irregular with receding gums.

B.              Yellowish with easily bleeding gums.

C.              Large, white, and straight.

Question - 17. Last but not the least, the type of teeth and nails you have?

A.              Delicate, small, and long fingers with chipped nails.

B.              Regular fingers with pink and soft nails.

C.              Wide and angular fingers with large and hard nails.

What next?

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