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Gap in healthcare advised to us | Our cause

Hope you'll agree with me that there's a huge gap in healthcare advised to us. There are three primary reasons why we think so -

1) As a society, as human case of our health, we are very reactive. Most of us never planned to avoid lifestyle diseases for most part of our lives. It's only when we are about to get hit by that disease or already been hit 2) Our health agencies, hospitals, pharma companies also created more systems, machines, researches on curative or emergency side of care 3) Education or rather information - we do not have easily visible proof or data of how much of preventive care, nutrition and other wellness methods like yoga or naturopathy can help improve our health

UYI (or "unleash your immunity") is trying to bridge this healthcare advisory gap in its own way. Join and support our cause -

Best, UYI Team

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