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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

MARMAS are the vital areas of the body. Word MARMA comes from the Sanskrit word ‘ mri ‘ meaning death. It means death or serious damage to the body or health after an injury to the point. Hence called MARMA. It is secret hidden or mystical points. When it is gently stimulated, it removes the blockages from the pranic channel, brings & circulates the divine energy directly into the body.

MARMA CHIKITSA is the ancient healing system originated and developed in India. It is the healing system that is applied by manipulating the pran i.e., the subtle energy. There are 107 such energy centers which are the Marma points or sites. Marma points are not the pinpointed but it is the site which is not the same for all the Marma site.

MARMAS are the sites where muscles, ligaments, bones, joints & blood vessels unite. Here the flow of Pran is abundant. Physically MARMAS are points in the body where concentrated life force energy is located at a deeper level. Energetically MARMAS are extremely subtle points where the physical and divine energetic realms intersect in the human body. It teaches us to be aware of our energetic constitution and be in harmony.

MARMAS are places in our body where currents of life-energies (Pran) cross over. These are the doorways between the physical & energetic levels of the body.

MARMA Science influences the body, mind, and consciousness. An expert knowledgeable person of Marma Science can influence the flow of Pran to gross & subtle level.

MARMA points are a vulnerable point that must be carefully handled. Technique and force of manipulation are very important. Any adversity, in applied force, might bring harm effect on the patient. Ill manipulation might cause the injury to the Marma points. Some Marma points are so sensitive which might bring life risk or complete/partial damage to the organ’s functions if it would be treated wrongly. The point causes the harmonious flow of Pran and the same point may cause life risk if manipulation is wrong.

The manipulation technique influences the flow of Pran as well as its direction. Different techniques are applied as per illness, it’s severity, and the blockage of Pran.

MARMAS are used for healing body & mind with the elimination of toxin from body & mind and restore tissue, channels, physiological & mental function, cognitive & emotional function in harmony.

  • MARMAS heal & enhance consciousness.

  • It balances all the elements

  • It improves immunity

  • It releases toxins

  • It promotes energy

  • It rejuvenates

  • It relieves nerve pain

  • It promotes deep relaxation

  • It helps the body, mind & nervous system to work properly

In ancient times, this knowledge was mainly known to kings & warriors to attack enemies for serious lethal effects & save their MARMAS from enemies’ attack. It is one of the hidden science. It was kept hidden from common people to prevent malpractice of this science or unusual pressure or injury on MARMA site might lead to some fatal effect.

Vedic science is a treasure of knowledge. Marma Science is one of such from that treasure. The body is a medium within which pranic energy flows with its own course. When such pranic energy flow with its positivity uninterrupted the person is in harmony & body is in healthy condition. But any illness within the body interrupts the proper flow of pranic energy & adversely affects the harmony. By stimulating the marmas with trained person interruption of pranic flow is removed, because the presence of pranic energy is in abundance at the Marma site. So stimulation of marma point with regulation is very important to channelize the pranic energy. Overstimulation or injury of the marma site leads to a fatal result.

Marma Chikitsa is effective in

  • Paralysis,

  • Muscular cramps & Twitching,

  • Migraine,

  • Sciatic Pain,

  • Facial or Bell’s Palsy,

  • Trigeminal Neuralgia,

  • Tumors,

  • Lumbar Spondylitis,

  • Frozen Shoulder,

  • Respiratory condition,

  • Digestion & Elimination Problems,

  • Nervous System disorder,

  • Aging problem,

  • Confusion, Memory loss,

  • Mental focus & concentration problems,

  • Anxiety, Depression,

  • Stress, fears & phobias,

  • Glandular issues,

  • Low energy, fatigue,

  • Diabetic Neuropathy,

  • Urinary Incontinence & others.

Precautions and Protocols must be followed before and during manipulating Marma Points/sites.

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B.H.M.S., M.A.App. Psych., C.Acu. ( CAT, Govt. of WB ), YN (Part-A, WBCYN)


(Affiliated to West Bengal Council of Yoga and Naturopathy)

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RESOURCE PERSON: NIN, Dept. of AYUSH, Govt. of India

ASSESSOR: MES, Ministry of Labour & Employment, Govt. of India

EXAMINER: * Patanjali University * West Bengal Council of Yoga and Naturopathy


West Bengal Council of Yoga and Naturopathy

GENERAL SECRETARY: Akhil Bharatiya Prakritik Chikitsa Parishad

PRESIDENT: International Traditional Medical Association

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