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UYI - Four Pillars

Namaste from UYI (Unleash Your Immunity) !!

UYI has a meaningful purpose and strong drivers to go out and help our global community. Read or watch the video to learn more.

Purpose - Inculcate the lifestyle and culture of preventive health care globally.

Four Pillars -

Preventive Care: We strongly feel Preventive Care is underrated and needs a lot of focus. We plan to bring momentum in building a balance between Preventive Cure and Curative Cure leveraging Social Channels and our Thought Leadership. Our thought is somewhat summarized in this blog or vblog.

Global Health: We believe every human being should have access to all types of health care without any restrictions of borders and governments. For example, one in the USA should be able to access Ayurvedic doctors in India. We think if any country can export or import different types of food then they should be able to export or import health systems and associated care too.

Demonetization: We at UYI are pained by recognizing the fact that Preventive Care has taken a huge inclination towards "business" than "actual care". Charging a fee for care is logical and value, however, we feel in most cases the value and actual care have taken a back seat. We are a strong proponent of making Preventive Care affordable and accessible to people at large.

Democratization: This is a little related to too much monetization of preventive care. The monetization itself has built a self-inflicted standard in Preventive Care. We at UYI are putting effort to level it down so that Preventive Care becomes accessible to common people and organically. This will also help ensure preventive care becomes part of lifestyle and culture for mass and doesn't just remain with a particular class or category of people.

The method

We socialize our UYI platform and request general practitioners/contributors of preventive health (for example, health blogger, ayurvedic cook, yoga, meditation and naturopathy experts, etc.) to volunteer for services to their friends, families, and communities. We do not charge anyone for any such service. We share the majority portion of service donations with the practitioners/contributors (similar to the "Guru Dakshina" model in India).

Illustratively, if anyone practices Yoga, he can volunteer to do that with 5-10 or more people in his/her community or across borders via the internet. In fact, he becomes the inspiration for others which we believe is most important in making this institutionalized in people's life. The UYI platform helps his effort to scale across communities, cities, states, and countries leveraging technology and make it truly global. We are grateful to those who are coming forward to volunteer and make this a noble movement globally

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